Mona Thorpe, Success Strategist

Mona Thorpe is a success strategist who has started and built several  companies. One being a mail order business that was listed in "O"  magazine and on Oprah's list of "Favorite Things", a restaurant that was written up in the NY Times on several occasions, a top recruiting firm  specializing in placing CEO's and other executive management in  positions through out the country and in addition to a 27 year career as  a success strategist providing workshops and mentoring programs,  achieving winning results for her clients. 

She  is the co-author of "Conversations on Success" Vol. 6, a book dedicated  to providing success strategies for those looking to achieve business  and personal goals. She is also the author of a six step success  strategy process that is the core foundation to her teachings and what  fuels her client's ability to succeed in their endeavors.

Her workshops and mentoring sessions are helping thousands of people  throughout the country to learn a focusing process that cuts through  barriers. Business owners, startup-preneurs, corporate executives, have  turned around failing projects, setup new techniques that correct  repetitive mistakes, eliminate procrastination, open up creative  channels, and put winning ideas into action. 

Coming  from a challenged background herself, she has a deep knowing of what it  takes to identify barriers to success and how to refocus to a winning  platform. She possesses a driving passion to share her success tools  with others.

Don't Put Off Your Success!