Success 411 Business MasterMind Group




 In  this business support group, you will learn six essential tools every  businessperson

 should know in order to produce successful engagements  and achieve their goals. Whatever your specific issues are whether it's  time management, repetitive mistakes, lack of confidence, difficulty in  dealing effectively with management or clients, you will experience  breakthrough result's. You will uncover inhibiting thought processes  that have been running interference with your 

ability to achieve the  level of success you desire. This  is a six week program where you will learn how to write a goal  statement that will be the foundation of your business goals, you will  look at perceived barriers, uncover inhibiting thought processes, create  new ones that will align with your present

 goals, develop a personal  achievement statement, and test drive your newly created 

mastermind set.   Make 2020 your breakthrough year in business!

MasterMind Group Content


Session 1- Building your business foundation/goal writing

Session 2 - Success Stumbling Blocks

Session 3 - Uncovering Hidden Interference

Session 4 - Deconstructing Old Blueprints

Session 5 - Constructing New Blueprints

Session 6 - Test Drive your new MasterMind Set

How to enroll and our Success 411 guarantee

Space is limited to 20 attendees and fills up quickly. 

Choose to attend one session at a time for $75.00 

Choose six sessions at a discount of $450.00 

Choose early enrollment  by Feb. 7th for all six sessions at an additional savings at $350.00 

100% satisfaction guarantee or full refund. Request must be made by email within 2  days following the attended session.

Your success is our business commitment.